Saunders’ paintings are predominantly series of abstracted heads, experimenting in and exploring formal aspects of painting. 


Her latest series seeks out abstraction; partially stripping back figures to the underlying shapes, the paintings are a contrasting mix of strong forms and understated figuration.


“I have been constructing these new painting supports specifically to act as carriers for a number of ideas relating to the reading of human countenance and emotion....I make the stretchers to represent a head shape.  They are an evolved, abstracted representation of the human form but are they portraits?   Using a combination of surface and materials I then attempt to evoke visual ideas of character, states of emotion or some form of human expression. 


Sometimes they work well and activate a psychological reading merely with the addition of coloured paint which taps into our memory or acts as a trigger about a person or people more generally.  I experiment with ways that the materials can be used to drive these anthropomorphic representations and where that can go in terms of representing either a state of mind, some form of behaviour or ideas about the human condition”.  

 * Co-curated 
Im/material bodies Sluice Hq.see news for details
*New Painting exhibition till 17 January London catalogue here 
*Organiser and curator PaintLounge BERLIN, Kühlhaus Berlin 2018

Let Me Know Before You Arrive - Warbling Collective, London 2018

Subsumed:Absorbing Surfaces St Marylebone crypt space, curated Fiona Long 2018.
MA Interim exhibition at City & Guilds London Art School September 2018.
'Marching through the Fields" Warbling Collective exhibition, Dulwich, London
Undead Painters Flash Salon 4.  Saturation Point, London
Face to Face, Lubomirov Angus Hughes, London open 26 Jan '18 -press release
SFS Painting Open, No Format Gallery, London
Winter Salon Exhibition, Rye Creative Centre Gallery, Rye.
Testcard P CBP group exhibition St Marylebone Crypt
*PIY PaintLounge Sluice Biennial London 2017 website here
Summer Salon 2017 Lubomirov Angus Hughes, London.
Contemporary Masters from Britain, In the collection of
Priseman Seabrook collection touring;
The Yantai Art Museum​, Yantai, 2017
Jiangsu Arts and Crafts Museum, Artall, Nanjing 2017
Jiangsu Art Museum​​, Nanjing, 2017
Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts Museum​​2018
Tianjin, China 
Anything Goes AB Project Space, Bermondsey, London
StrangeLands, Collyer Bristow Gallery, London catalogue here
PAINTING [Now] - Studio One Gallery, London
This Year's Model - Deep Space, Studio 1.1, London
This Space is Occupied Unit1Gallery, London
*30x30x34 CBP The Crypt, St Marylebone, London
ING Discerning Eye Mall Galleries, London
*Slippery & Amorphous, Arthelix, Sluice International Expo New York
LOOKING UP Studio 1.1 London
Contemporary British Painting: Summer Exhibition, The West Gallery, Quay Arts, Isle of Wight
Summer Salon Lubomirov / Angus-Hughes Gallery, London
Undead Painters Flash Salon II, ASC Studios, London
Royal Academy Summer Exhibition London selected by Bill Jacklin see image here 
Selected Works from the Priseman Seabrook Collection The Minories Art Gallery, Colchester
*Slippery & Amorphous, Contemporary British Painting, Crypt, London
Spring Has Come 2016-FUKUBUKURO. Sanshung Museum of Contemporary Art, China.
Gesamtkunstwerk, HTH Art Centre, London                                        
Contemporary British Painting Group Show, Crypt, London
Ing Discerning Eye, Mall Gallery, London selected by Steve Pill
HEADS Studio One Gallery, London
Summer Salon Lubomirov / Angus-Hughes Gallery, London
Documentary Realism:Painting in the Digital Age,
Contemporary British Painting, Members Exhibition, London
*Disturbance, Atom Gallery, London
Red X Mas - Studio1.1 - London
Carthal Smyth 'Comfortable Man' album debut & Exhibition, London
Longlist - Anthology Charlie Smith Gallery London
ZAP Summer Exhibition, London
Open West, The Wilson,Cheltenham Art Gallery, Cheltenham. 
Christmas BOGOF, WW Gallery, London
ZEITGEIST Exhibition, London

Threadneedle Prize Exhibition, London

Lion and Lamb Gallery at Sluice Art Fair, Bermondsey, London

Street Gallery, Crouch End Festival 

Tasty Modern, Schwartz Gallery, London 


Christmas BOGOF, WW Gallery, London

*Seeing in the Dark Exhibition, Rye, Kent

Alas Exhibition, Matt RobertsArts,  London​

Fine Art Exhibition, Citylit Institute, London 

Painters Exhibition, The Old Fire Station,London

*Look Up, Crouch End Festival, London 



2010  Foundation Diploma in Art & Design, Citylit Institute

2012  Fine Art, CityLit Institute, London

​2017-2019 MA Fine Art City and Guilds London Art School 


2012 Alas Artists Residency, Matt Roberts Arts, London​​​


Documentary Realism:Painting in the Digital Age by Robert Priseman.
2015 Seabrook Press
Priseman Seabrook Collection of 21st Century British Painting
Catalogue 2015
Open West Catalogue 2013
Threadneedle Prize Catalogue 2013